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Print+Media: Color-Scale-Shift Memoir
ART4925C, 05, Spring 2013
T/R 12:50 ‐ 3:20 pm FAB 0320B
Course Ref # 09639
Instructor: Joelle Dietrick

Office: TBA
Office hours: By appointment
E-mail: jdietrick@gmail.com
Website: http://joelledietrick.com
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This course offers students a rigorous introduction to three concerns within contemporary art:

  1. Digital and traditional media crossovers,
  2. Color used conceptually, and
  3. Expanded memoir as springboard to idea generation, unique art forms, self-branding and the zeitgeist

All three concerns will encourage students to be ambitious with their artwork, pushing the history of art forward. Using both art history and new media as a springboard, students will learn a streamlined strategy for color palette collection for easy future retrieval.

While centered on studio production, the course also involves research and writing as an integral part of idea generation and creative process. Through critical analysis of color in many disciplines, we’ll consider how your artwork can be most successful. Success is measured by the appropriate merger of content and form as it relates to the history of visual literacy.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss artists in the field;
  • Streamline production through idea generation, research, organization, experiments and criticism;
  • Develop a perceptual, conceptual, and technical foundation to color;
  • Consider a wide-range materials as they connect to content;
  • Develop smaller, shorter color studies that lead to large scale color gestures;
  • Employ collaborative as well as individual approaches to creativity;
  • Speak and write critically about personal and peer artworks and propose alternatives.