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History of Art + Technology

Tuesdays / Thursdays 1:40–3:00pm, FAB 249

Instructor: Joelle Dietrick
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Office: FAB 411
Office Hours: Thursdays 3-4 pm or by appt Email:

Course Description

This course introduces students to 20th and 21st century interactions between art and technology. In focusing on the shift from industrial to information-driven economies, the curriculum outlines digital culture’s historical trajectory with an emphasis on the last few decades. Special attention is given to architecture, film and interdisciplinary art practices. Prerequisite: All Foundations

Learning Objectives

  • To gain insights into the ever-evolving dance between technology and humanity
  • To demonstrate an understanding the major historical new media artworks, artist, techniques, vocabulary and theories from camera’s invention to contemporary digital tools through blog posts, papers and / or studio projects
  • To locate, interpret and analyze primary and secondary sources relevant to research questions
  • To research and write about both avant-garde new media art practice in their relationship to commercial digital production and broader socio-cultural perspectives
  • To acknowledge their own interests and learning styles to approach the study of these topics most effectively