Should I be lumping together Fulbright days on this blog? It is what it is. It has been a long time since I’ve been in such a happy, frenzied state of studio production so that needs to take priority over blogging. Because I get to make fun animations like the one posted above! But a few quick highlights from my last two weeks.

Unity Unite Europe conference in Amsterdam (June 27-29)

Filled with non-stop workshops, Unity Unite Europe inspired a week of game-making, from which we’re now just emerging…and about to dive back in.

Women in Gaming Meeting at the Conference

My best guess is that there were about 100 women at a conference of about 1000 people, and many of those women seemed be running registration or testing the games (maybe paid to do so?)…I can’t say any of that with certainty. What I can say with confidence is that I was grateful for the Women in Gaming meeting. Producer Veronica Peshterianu from System Era Softworks emphasized the importance of mentors for young women in the field. So true.

MIT Lab Observatory of Economic Complexity

This lab’s research completely aligns with our blockchain game.
I need to be in touch.

Korean Hackathon during the G20 Protests

While Trump visited Hamburg and the G20 Protests raged on, Owen and I participated in Hackathon held at the Art Center Nabi in Seoul. We won the top prize and will be in the exhibition this coming October. The plug animation is from that event.
More details soon…