“Introduction of Swedish gymnastics in Hamburg by training inspector Carl Möller – Hang exercises on the new Ribbstol”. Johann Hinrich W. Hamann, via MKG Hamburg. Search collection online.

This morning I woke up eager to revisit the writing of Keller Easterling (see her recent E-Flux article and Yale Paprika interview) before attending an adventure on a boat with her and other artist activists to talk about current trends in global trade, but I find myself made grumpy by theory and dense rhetoric. Perhaps I’m just to eager to get in the studio. And time for that is so precious when you are mother and navigating this particular Fulbright.

For today, with the kid, off to the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) in hopes of connecting to their 20th century poster collection.  Specifically I need to contact:

Grafische Sammlung und Plakatsammlung

Dr. Jürgen Döring | Leitung | juergen.doering(at)mkg-hamburg.de
Uta Jeschke | Sammlungsverwalterin | uta.jeschke(at)mkg-hamburg.de

or for digital resources:

Projekt Digitale Inventarisierung
Dr. Antje Schmidt | Leitung | antje.schmidt(at)mkg-hamburg.de

Search collection online

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG)