Still trying to make sense of this series of events over the next week here in Hamburg

“Today we suffer from sea blindness,” says the head of the
British Navy, and he is right: London, New York,
Hong Kong, Hamburg – everywhere the same picture: the

Ports are mutated into human security zones.
For centuries, life in Hamburg was marked by the
Seafaring. Today there are no sailors
In the city, and Hamburgers no longer drive
at sea. Today, only multinational corporations are in the port
Welcome. Spaces for life and action
On the water are narrow and narrow.
Close to the city, the harbor becomes an event setting, the maritime
Adventure mutates to the all-inclusive cruise, the
Fine dust values.
At the same time, there are activists and artists
All over the world the right to sea new: you build
Rafts of rubbish, try floating the lagoons
Before cruise ships connect
Through precarious sea trade, explore the links between
Migration and modern logistics, and get together,
To save fugitives from distress. On
All seas and also in Hamburg.
Welcome to a right-on-city movement, the
Can swim!
For theater of the world 2017 have become secret agency
And the International Theater Institute,
To access access points from the solid to the liquid
And the right to sea again – with
Performance, symposium and workshops.