Keller Easterling’s 2014 book Extrastatecraft

I just found out that Keller Easterling is giving a talk in Hamburg this Sunday, May 28 at 11:00…I think on the MS Stubnitz in Baakenhöft, HafenCity…although online documentation is a little cryptic. More info here: and  So excited. Extrastatecraft ideas and projects are outlined here.

And the awkwardness google translation of the flyer (its own sort of poetry):

Subsequently the Stubnitz becomes the research vessel, the
Cabins are made by thinkers and researchers
occupied. For two days the secret agency discusses
To you and to the Seablindness: What role
Plays the sea in the current social events?
What are the theories of “logistical”
Turn “and the” infrastructural space “for the fight
To the right to port? With Marcus Rediker (“The Many
Headed Hydra “) is about the question of what hydrarchy
Today, with Keller Easterling (“Extrastatecraft”)
To the history and future visions of a free port.
The artist and researcher Ranjit Kandalgaonkar from Mumbai
Tells of his research trips along the
External maritime maritime logistics. Constance Hockaday,
Member of the legendary Floating Neutrinos family
Of interventions on the water in battle
The right to city. The dispute about the
Lagoon in Venice and against the cruise ships
We with the artist and activist Marco
Baravalle (Comitato No Grandi Navi). The floating
Platform, Anarche ‘(Berlin) invites to a debate
The contradictions between political activism, cultural
Interventions and the sheer survival in the
Neo-liberal city.

The symposium will take place in English.