Image from the PR page for Kontorhaus,

I’m giving a tour of the Kontorhaus this Friday. Become increasingly curious about how the marketing around the Chilehaus has always worked. Again see earlier posted poster of Chilehaus. This was based on a photograph of the building (below) was made by Hamburg-based photographer Carl Dransfeld and shaped the notoriety of the building. As Manfred F. Fischer, former head of the Hamburg monument conservation department, wrote: “It was not the Chilean architecture, but the photograph of [it] that had written art history. The invented reality was stronger than reality.”

From Manfred F. Fischer: The Chilehaus in Hamburg. Architecture and vision. With 28 picture panels by Klaus Frahm, Gebr. Mann Verlag, Berlin 1999, ISBN 3-7861-2299-7.

Chilehaus photo by Carl Dransfeld (1880-1941), taken between 1924 and 1938.