For 09/26/2013,

  • No readings but Project 3 (Computer Animation Project) is due.
  • Submission:
    • Rename your project yourlastnameYour1stname_03compAnimation (folder AND .pde)
    • Zip up the folder
    • Emailing the zipped file to
    • If it says it is too big to send, double-check your data folder. Audio files are big. You can edit it down to a smaller audio file. Directions here: Also make sure that your data folder doesn’t have unused large images. Our projects are generally 1024 x 768 (or a little bigger) so none of your image dimensions should be much bigger than that.
  • Digital / Processing tutoring:

Also that night…

  • May Sun lecture is Thursday night at 7 pm in FAB 249
  • Attend and write a response in the comments to this post, can make up for a past missed blog