By 09/17/2013,

  • Please email a pdf of your Art Review paper to before class begins on Tuesday.
  • Instructions on the syllabus. Excerpted here: Art Review: In a 300 to 500-word paper (approximately 1–2 typed pages single-spaced) with a short bibliography, you will critically describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate an artwork of your choice from lectures and debates from the first three weeks of class.
  • Include a link to artwork being discussed.
  • Regarding the tone of the paper, please write this paper in third person voice. Remember, these are formal papers and to mention yourself might dilute or diminish your analysis. You must always consider your readers experience and for these papers please consider your reader who doesn’t know much about what you are writing so it is your job to inform. Your goal is to write objectively and your writing must flow with ideas and not extraneous words. Please keep it simple and concise. (adapted from the Survey for Contemporary Art paper requirements).
  • Reminder: fantastic links to writing resources are on the class syllabus.