Reminder: for Thursday, 8/29’s  class, meet at Strozier, Room 107A

  • Specific directions: go in the front door, go to the Starbucks side of the main floor, then go all the way back, the classroom is there in the NW corner of the building.

Meet with librarians:

  • Micah Vandegrift on Copyright, Fair Use, Public Domain, Creative Commons (open licensing), and Remix Culture
  • Jessica Evans Brady on good research. She’ll have us start with RefWorks. Then we can build a folder of resources for any of our three papers as we go (see syllabus for paper descriptions), and create a draft bibliography right there in class!
  • By midnight before our next class (therefore, by Monday, 9/2, 11:59 pm), please post your bibliography in the comments below this post. Since you cannot embed images and video into the comment lines, you’ll have to list links. This assignment will help you avoid procrastination, improve your research skills, and help us to understand our range of interests. I’ll adapt the curriculum accordingly.

At a minimum in the comments (below this post!!), write 1–2 sentence summarizing your idea / interests and a bibliography including proper citations for:

Please note, the first paper is still due Tuesday, 9/17 during week 4.

If your focus for research is the first paper, the Art Review paper, know that a typical structure for that paper is:

  1. Describe: Tell exactly what you see
  2. Analyze: Use the elements/principles to reflect upon the art form
  3. Interpret: Consider the following:
    1. What is the artist trying to say?
    2. What caused the artist to say it?
    3. What is the artwork’s historical context?
    4. Why this particular style?
  4. Evaluate: How successful or important is the work of art?

The sources that you find today should support your writing.