Reminder to respond to last classes listening activity:

Possible responses (50-200 words) to Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine, Chapter 7
on cities creating productive urban friction. Something to consider when working on an architecture assignment.
No need to answer these questions specifically. Again, just giving you ideas.

  • David Byrne talks about “the city feeding him a constant stream of sensory input” when he rides his bike. How are you open to new ideas? How can you cultivate that environment during your projects?
  • 80% of recent college grads are getting jobs, but maybe not what they want. Life is short. What are you passionate about and how do you bring this to your art?
  • In a review of the book, a reader said “For those of us who are in the business of Research and Development, creativity is by far, one of the most sought after attributes.” If you didn’t hit the ground running on the architecture assignment, how will you get your creative juices flowing as you sprint to the finish line? This is your chance to print big and possibly sell your work. How will you make the final product look as professional as possible?
  • Whatever passage from reading inspired you…

The best storytellers get caught up in their own stories…laughing at their own jokes…

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