Deadline next Tuesday

– all 20 Variations, printed before class, ready for crit.

Concern about Attendance

– Responses now required on all readings and in-class podcasts
Write your comments on the blog (50 to 200 words, not just summarizing
but making real responses, connecting it to other experiences, etc…
occasionally specific questions will be asked in post).

– By the beginning of next class, respond to Chapter 6 about Pixar
in Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine. I will play this in class and will not make
the MP3 available. The emphasis is on the importance of building
community to creative output. Attendance and participation is a
critical part of this, as is hard critiques and “plus-ing.” These audio
insights will come unannounced, sort of like a pop quiz.

– As I’ve gotten to know you, design readings seems more appropriate.
Design manifestos replaces Letters to a Young Artist. Pulling from:

– Readings will generally be given over the weekend, and need to be
posted by Sunday at midnight (alternatively by Wednesday at midnight
for readings to be discuss Thursday). Your ability to comment will disappear
10 days of the reading’s due date. Attendance, participation and blogged
entries are 20% of your overall grade.

2-minute influence:

5-minutes influence:

Work day (with Imagine, Ch 6 played over speakers)