1st Hour

2nd Hour

  • By the end of class, make 10 palettes, collecting hex values to easily use in processing
  • HW: Project 1.4
  • 100 photos (50 more) / 10 best photos / 10 palettes (w/ hex)

Creating palettes

Assignment (due 1/29 (yes, one and a half weeks from now)

  • Inspired by Thorpe, Shiffman and Davis on using code to introduce chaos, create a triptych using the same subject matter with drastically different palettes. The challenge: using processing, make a fake data visualization, merging your interests from week 1–2 brainstorming sessions with what we’ve learned about data visualizations so far. Also see Stranger than Fiction intro (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDwTQ57YyzI ) and https://delicious.com/jdietrick/visualization
  • Next Tuesday, Owen will introduce Processing, showing you how to save for print